Ninja Assassin 2009 Subtitle Indonesia

RGenre: Action, Thriller
Tahun: Durasi: 99 MenitDilihat: 1.754 views
883 voting, rata-rata 6,4 dari 10

Ninja Assassin follows Raizo, one of the deadliest assassins in the world. Taken from the streets as a child, he was transformed into a trained killer by the Ozunu Clan, a secret society whose very existence is considered a myth. But haunted by the merciless execution of his friend by the Clan, Raizo breaks free from them and vanishes. Now he waits, preparing to exact his revenge.

Tagline:Fear not the weapon, but the hand that wields it.
Anggaran:$ 40.000.000,00
Pendapatan:$ 60.462.347,00

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